Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Day He Died

The day he Died …………….

“Go fetch it boy,” comes from the end of the park, as a dog springs to his feet and sprints after a ball.  His owner spreads out his legs and flops onto the ground. After a few seconds, dog comes panting back slobber dripping all down his mouth and tail wagging. As soon as he approaches his owner he drops down the slobber all over ball and gives his owner a big slobbery lick. He jump up and then goes come on boy and snapped on his lead and goes home.

I see this every day until one day he stops coming and that night on the news, on the main road right next to the park, a dog was killed in a serious car accident. He says that a car had lost control and spun into the other land and smashed two car and then spun into the park.  Then the reporter said in a quiet voice, that a dog and owner had also been caught up in there.  It said the owner was running with his dog until he heard a whole lot of car horns and people slamming on brakes and then he turned around to see car coming towards him and then all of a sudden his dog came up and shoved his owner out of the way. The dog got dragged under the car they say that the dog was ripped and torn and they say that the owner is in a critical condition in the hospital.

The next day I saw flower scattered all over part of the road and bright red drops of blood. In remembrance of the dog they put up a statue of the dog and renamed the park Bingo Park as for the dog was called Bingo.

Friday, 17 October 2014

20 x 20 Maths Challenge

photo (22).JPG
20 x 20 Maths Challenge
64 blocks in total

The Best Part Of Me


The best part of me are my eyes because they are a light blue they also have a tinge of green in them I like my eye because I’m the only one in the family that has that colour. I get them from my blue eyes from my dad. I think that it is cool that there is a tinge of green in my eyes because the green blends in with the blue

I love my eyes because they are the only part of my body that lets me see the world and  discover new things. I like them because they stand out on my face because they are the only bit of colour on my face that shines out.

I enjoy playing sport because my eyes let me see everything the finish line, the goal and  the competitors and I especially love my supporter, they come to all of my event. I also love to see my self representing parkvale school in the flash uniforms.    
I like my eye because it is a very special part of me and  it is not like any other part can do the exact same thing.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Bar Graph vs Line Graph

We had to sort out the data into the right kind of graph either into the line or the bar

Bar Graph: A bar graph is a chart that uses bars to show comparisons between different categories of data.

Line Graph: A graph that uses points connected by lines to show how something changes in value (as time goes by, or as something else happens). Based on one set data.

Below is a list of different types of graphs.  Cut and paste them into the column you think they belong in.

Bar Graph
Line Graph
Room 10’s favourite colour

How children come to school

What fruit do we have in our lunch box

Temperatures in March

The height of a bean plant over 2 months

Lemonade sales over a week.

Depth of a bath

How long you can hold your breath for

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

200 Word Story


Every day I wake up and wonder what on earth is in and under the zip. I ask my mum but all I get is a I don’t know now stop asking that question. I try and try but I never get anything out of people. I asked my poppa but all he says is legend once a boy tried and he never saw the light again.

One day I asked my friend “lets sneak out tomorrow night and open the zip, I know it is risky but it it is the only way we will find out”. “Are you kidding me he replied do you think I am crazy” After a while of covensing I got him to do it but I have to open the zip, although if something happen to me, he has to help.

So that night I grab dad huge garden clipper and got my friend and walked a couple of blocks away. I said first I will grab the zip bit and flick it over to the other side after that I will grab the garden clipper and pull. So grabbed the zip bit and flicked it over so far so good next I grabbed the clippers and gave it the tiniest pull and nothing happened, so I gave it a big yank then big snakes clamber out on me then all of a sudden it gets light I wake up then I realize it was all a dream. Dads arms were wrapped around me like snakes.   

Friday, 5 September 2014

Night 4 Production Photos

This is all of us on stage singing
the final song to end the show.

This is me talking on stage.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Production Photo

This is the classroom where we are talking to the audience. We are the linking script and we link information that connect to the legends. The photo is the kid in the classroom and there is also a teacher.IMG_4200.JPG

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Production Diary

Dear Diary, last night  was a big night because it was our first night performing in front of an audience that brought ticket. Yesterday we did our performance to the rest of the school that one went really well so did the other one at night there were a couple mistakes on that but they were fine and I know by the end of the week we are going to be amazing . Also it was really cool because my dad surprised me by bringing  my big sister that had just come back from university  that day. I was really pleased on how I went because I said all my lines loud and clear didn't muck up except for one tiny mistake where I didn't pronounce brother properly so I just said it again. I can’t wait for tonight because I know I am going to get better but I am going to get really tired. I personal like the seven whales because of the music choice and the smoke machine.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Holiday Highlight

During the school holidays Teague, Rogan, Jasper, Ava, Craig, Dad and I went to Clive pools. There was a small hot pool and a deep lane pool that got deeper as you go along.  It was quite nice to get into a pool because as it is not summer now we are not swimming anymore.

Also, it was the holidays so they had  this special a big blow up thing that travels around different pools.It was a  hurdling course. The blow up thing looked like a rocket ship because it had a  big bit were you climb into with other small bits in the side about knee height to hold onto. As you went on it, it got smaller and smaller and at the end you had to jump off. When you had pasted the two things on either side to hold onto they go away. The side things were blue and the base was red with the 5 yellow hurdles in between.  

On my first go, I jumped over the hurdle and I automatically fell off. It  felt fantastic to get back into the water for once. After my second go, I realised that you have to stay on the middle if you don’t want to fall off . After I while, I tried sprinting across it and I ended up slipping into the  water on the 4th hurdle, falling head first. As I keep on trying I tried a different technique. It was sliding across it on my tummy staying strait in the middle but it was hard because if your feet slid off your whole body will go with it. After a while I finally made it to the by standing on it and walking across it and holding on to the hurdles as I went with my back facing the wall very slowly climbing over the hurdles.

I think I got to the end three times altogether and every time I got to the end I  stopped and then jumped off really high. One of my last goes, I asked Rogan if I should go backward anyway I did and I climb on and then tripped of on the first hurdle. After about five minutes they took it down and a couple of time I race Rogan in the lane pool standing on the big starter blocks. Then we went into the small warm pool and we got Dad and Craig to bounce the ball on the concrete and then it bounces into the pool and then we jumped up and caught it. At 3 o’clock it shut and we went home.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Our Solar System

Space is full of interesting things like 8 planets, thousands of stars, 166 moons, a sun and galaxies. In space the is zero gravity. That means that you are floating all the time. In space it is also hard to breath because there are no trees and when there are no trees there that means there is no oxygen. Which planets have rings around them?

In our solar system there is 8 planets they are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. You are probably wondering why I haven’t put Pluto in, that is because Pluto is a dwarf planet. If you are a planet one of the things you have to be doing is orbiting around the sun by yourself but Pluto wasn't it had been orbiting around the sun with other planets. So that is why Pluto is now a dwarf planet.

In our galaxies there are thousands of stars. There is one star you probably know it, it is the sun. There are some stars that are 100 to 200 times bigger than the sun. In the sky there are thing called constellations. Constellation are groups of stars that make out shapes in the sky. Star are made out of dust and gas. They are formed by a gas and dust cloud. The clouds start to shrink and get smaller as the clouds get smaller they break up into clumps. After a while the clumps get hot and dense then the nuclear reaction starts and when the clump gets really really hot the clump turns into a star. A nuclear reaction is when gasses get really hot and dense and a nuclear reactions starts.

The moon and the sun orbit around the earth all the time. When the moon is on one side of the earth the sun is on the other side. There are 166 moons in our solar system. Earth has 1, Mars has 2, Jupiter has 63, Saturn has 60, Uranus has 27 and Neptune has 13. The sun is made out of helium and hydrogen.

The solar system is full of amazing things. Now to answer my question the planets    

have rings around them are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Rings are formed by rocks orbiting around the planets.

Cloud Dialogue

Way up up up in the sky there was a little boy with his Grandpa standing on a old but sturdy wooden platform, with a little house underneath.

“Wow were up so high”
“Hey boy come and look at this”.

Grandpa pulls out of a small long wooden case with red lining. A funny metal thing with a long stick and a small hollow hole at the top. Then grandpa sticks it into a small stand with a hole just big enough to fit the metal thing in.

“Um whats that grandpa”
“Just wait and I’ll show you”.

Then  grandpa blows through the hole and then to the boys surprise a cloud appears in the sky from out of the hole.

“Hold up grandpa how did you do it”,
“can I have I try. “

Then the little boy takes a deep breath and blows and then the tiniest cloud pops out through the hole.

“Oh man” say the little boy
“try again” say grandpa.
“ Like this”.

Grandpa then take a deep deep breath and breathes out.
So the little boy blows and  sticks his mouth up into the hole as close as he could and blows and blows and leanes on it.Then his cloud maker falls on the ground and breaks.

“Oh no” says grandpa
“I’m so sorry” says the little boy.
“Look at it now” says grandpa, it is all funny shaped. “Plus the cloud that I made before is now going away”
“Hmm says the little boy”

He picks up the cloud maker and and can see the cloud going away. He know that his grandpa is sad so he goes up and tries to fix it. Fiderly flick goes his fingers and then holds it up. It is a star, grandpa takes it.

“Thank you” says grandpa” I’ll give it a try.”

Grandpa takes a deep breath and then blows and then a cloud comes out and forms into a star.

“Wow” says the little boy. “Now you can make any shape you want” says the little boy. Hey grandpa says the little boy. “look I can make a bunny”. Here you can blow it.

Grandpa blows it and now there up in the sky there was a bunny and a star. At that time the sun had started to come down shining back on there backs. Then they sit down together. Then this time grandpa makes a shape for the little boy and guess what it is?, its a love heart. Then the little boy has a go and then a small cloud comes out in the shape heart. “This is really cool grandpa you are the ultimate cloud maker” say the little boy.  

Letter To Liam

Parkvale School
Howard St


Dear Liam
How are you?

Hi it is Bree
Room ten are really missing you.
Lately in room ten we have been enjoying a quiz game called Kahoot on the computers. How we play is Mrs Roil connects her computer to the T.V screen and a pin comes up and we enter it on our computers then our names appears upon the screen and when everyones name is up there Mrs Roil press go and then a question appears on the screen and there will be a box with red triangle another with a blue hexagon a green square and a orange circle. In the box there will be an answer in it and you have to pick which one on your computer but id only has the box with the shape and colour no answer.

The other day we had a Matariki day with Room 11 and 12. We had workshops there was  weaving, making poi, cooking,maori games, kite making and rakau. It was a great day. I did maori games, rakau and making poi. Making poi was my favourite we learnt how to plait with four. It took time but they ended out great. For the rakau we had to do the same as what we had to do in  kapa haka except we did it not just in the middle but on the sides too. For the other one the maori games we had to do thing like going on an obstacle course while swing a poi and tapping two rakau together.

The other day we went to the planetarium with Room 7 to learn a bit more about space and also about constellations. First we went into a big room with chairs all around with a funny contraption in the middle. While Room 7 stayed in the other room to watch a video. Then we sat down and the man turned out the lights so we could we the stars on the ceiling then he showed the constellations and planets.There was lots of constellation and planet. We saw Mars, Saturn and other. After that we went in the other one and Room 7 did too. I really liked the video it was about a space crew playing in space and testing stuff about gravity. The Room 7 came back in and we did question. After that we went back to school.

Bye for now.
From Bree Gibson

Dad's Raw Fish Synopsis

My Dads raw fish
By Mata Mataio

This story is about how Dad prepares the raw fish with his son. Dad is preparing the food for the family for Friday night. Dad prepares the food by going fishing  then gets the kids to help him do the worst job, scaling and gutting the fish. Then he has to cut them up. After that he put it into the marinating sauce. Dad says the fish will be ready when the fish go white. Will the fish go white in time for the dinner?

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Matariki Day


Matariki day was really fun, to start off we had a maori dance group come to Parkvale school and perform for us. They sung for us, danced for us, told us some stories that had been passed on from generation to generation and also some maori games.

My favourite activity that I did on Matariki day was making poi with Whaea Emma in Room ten. The first thing that we did was how to plait with four pieces of wool. There was twelve pieces of wool in each group and because we were plaiting with four we had to split them up into groups of four. There was three people in the group. Each person had to do something. I did the plaiting with Hugh while Jacob held the bottom to keep it in place. Then we started plaiting. When we had got to the length that we wanted it at, we tied it up and then helped all of the other people plait before we moved onto our next step. After everyone had finished plaiting we started making the bottom of the poi. First we had to get some stuffing and roll it into a ball and put the plait into the middle of the ball of stuffing. Then we got a small plastic bag and put the stuffing ball with the plait in it into the plastic bag and wrapped it until it was tight and then we pulled up all of the other bits and then tie up all with string around the top of the ball of stuffing and pulled tight. Then we cut all of the other plastic bag and our pois were done.

How to plait with four is to sit with two people facing each other. Then split the wool into four each part then each person needs to grab two. Next you cross them over diagonally and grab then do it on the the side diagonally and then keep repeating. Once you get to the length you want it, you needs to grab both of the your two and the other persons two and so you should have two equal parts. Now tie them up into a strong knot and then connect it to the bottom of the poi.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Stain Glass Window Maths

The Last Mysterious Secret

My main vision was to have a scary alleyway in the city for my setting. My story name is The Last Mysterious Secret. I have done a brick wall, street lights and a trash bin with flies.
Is this a story suitable for young kids?

The book is about the last secret that hasn't been solved. I showed the book was a mystery story by using no light and bright colours. I have useds dark and dull colours instead. My setting is in a city alleyway. I think that an alleyway at night is not something you would want to walk down in the dark. I was trying to get the picture to be as dark as possible, so it would be a scary and a mysterious book but still be able to see the picture clearly.

For my title I have positioned it in the middle of the page and I have put the street lamp shining down on it. The colour of my words are blood red. I have done the words with spikes on the ends of them. I tried to make my title word into grafitti like the alleyway had been trashed. When you look at my cover the main thing that you can see is my title because most of the other stuff is palin because I wasted it to stand out.

I think that this book is suitable for kids that are 8 and over because sometimes it is a bit scary. The main thing that the audiences eye would capture is the title, especially because the lamp light are shining on it. I recommend this book to anyone that likes the everyday life and a bit of mystery and scariness.

photo (21).JPG

Monday, 19 May 2014

Hockey Explanation

Hockey blocking

Hockey is a team sport. You play it in the winter. The game is played on turf, field or even ice. Hockey is played with a stick and a small hard ball. The stick is like a candy cane. It has a flat side were you hit the ball and the other is curved, don’t hit the ball on the curved side or it will go sideways or over it. Hockey players wear a uniform, shin and knee pads, elbow pads, shoes and a mouth guard. If you are the goalie you wear a face mask so you don’t get hit in the face because it would be very painful. There are 14 players on a team and there are 3 people on the side line. The goal is like a soccer goal but it is smaller. How long is a hockey game?

Firstly, blocking is when you block the ball and stop it. You block the ball with your stick on the flat side. You can move around each side of the ball so the opponent doesn't get it. Sometimes you can also block the other person with your stick.
Secondly, you need to put your body behind the stick. When you put your body behind the stick you should be side on with the ball. If you have you stick in front or on the side it is going to be quite difficult. So you will need to put your body behind the stick to play the game.   

Thirdly, give a little and keep your eye on the ball. When you give a little you stop all of the impact coming to you and the stick won’t bang into you but when you give a little and move back or forwards the impact won’t be as strong. Also try and keep your eye on the ball so when an opponent comes up and tries to steal the ball off you. As well as someone taking it off you, you could also just wander off and think you're hitting the ball but you’re not and the ball will get taken off you.

Fourthly, you have to be straight on. You have to be straight on because it is going to be easier to hit it and when you do you can look up to where you are aiming to
and then hit it straight on. If you just look at the ball and hit it to the person but if you don’t line it up it can go crooked.

Now to answer the question, well it seems that the a hockey game is 60 minutes or an hour long. So that is how you do blocking in a hockey game. The 4 things you need to remember when blocking 1. Put your body behind the stick, 2. Give a little, 3. Keep your eye on the ball, 4. Be straight on. So now you know how to block in hockey.

Space Padlet

This is my Space Padlet.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

4D Movie

The 4D Movie

As we walk in the door the lady at the counter asks us what movie we want to see. There was a movie were you manly went white water rafting and kayaking. The other one had skydiving,white water rafting,kayaking and a helicopter ride. We decided on the second one. Dad and Amberley put their phones in the box. Then we put on a raincoat and some 3D glasses and sat in seats then she turned on the movie.The movie was really cool, my favourite thing was the helicopter ride. Then when the lady came back in she asked us if we liked the ride. We all said yes but in the movie there was no water and the was meant to be. So they said sorry and took us in to the other cinema. They gave us the movie for free.

We hopped in our seats the lady told us that this one had more water which we all thought was good.The movie started and instantly I thought this one was better. We got sprayed with lots of water and we got a massive air blast as well as the seats moving all the time.It made me fell a little bit sick so I just looked at my feet for a bit and I felt better. When it finished we gave back our glasses and raincoats and dad and Amberley got their phones, then we went home.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Kauri tree art

This is my Kauri tree art. I have put a whole lot of words around the tree that describes the kauri tree.
Room 10,11 and 12 are a hub called the Kauri tree hub. Hope you like it please comment. 

Fishing Off The Wharf

I’ve been standing there for a while and I’m starting to get bored. Mum comes over and I tell her “I haven't caught anything yet”. She tells me to ”go get some bait” because I was using a fishing rod one that you don’t need bait on but you can put some on if you want. So I went and got some bait off the bait lady after she had done that and then I went over to another spot and in about two minutes I was getting a big tug and then my line started moving around in a figure eight pattern so I quickly wound it back in and wala, a fish magically appeared on my line, it was pretty big. I called Brendon over to take it off, he let me go put it in the bucket. When I was taking it back the scales were falling off on me. The fish was very restless and was jumping and squirming around so I chucked it in the bucket.

After that It took a while for me to catch another one so I sat down then Greta said I had a wasp on my hair and I froze as Pam flicked it off. After that I moved down a bit and the wasp just happened to come back again and land on my arm and then flew away and went down to some other people.

Then I asked mum if she could go get some berly to attract the fish. When she came back she chucked it in and then my fishing line was famous.
There were thousands of fish scrabbling around having
little nibbles at the bait.
Then I felt a tug and I had another fish on my line.
I wound it back in then took it off and put it in the bucket.

Later on, it was taking a while to get anything I kept putting berly in but they were just nibbling and then going away. So I moved to another spot and still nothing.Then I asked my if I could chuck it in not just drop it I had one go then my told me not to do it again because I was a bit dodgy throwing it, so I just stuck to dropping it in.I moved over along into the middle where you could see lots of fish it wasn't long before I had a fish it was the biggest one yet. I held it up with pride as Brendon gave it to me and then he dropped it as he took the hook out of him then I went over and had a photo with the fish. Not long after that we went home to go make our bivouacs and cook our dinner.

Letter to Louise

Parkvale School,
Howard St,

Dear Louise,

Thank you for helping my camp group at Camp Roil. It was great that you came on camp with us. My favourite bit was when we went fishing. The camp was cool.

It was awesome how you rode the bikes to the house with my mum instead of just walking them back, then wanted a rematch because you lost. You guys looked funny with your kumus stuck up in the air.

I liked your ideas that you thought of in the amazing race and you were really encouraging and how you gave us small tips that really helped like when you told us to keep our arms straight and to tell us how to hold the kayak.
So thank you again for coming on camp.  

Kind regards,
Bree Gibson.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Synopsis of Poppa's Present

Poppa’s Present
Adrienne Frater

This book is set a poppa’s house.The book is about when a family comes together and has a meeting because their poppa is coming up to be seventy. They want to thank him for giving all of them veggies from his garden and fixing things.  All of the families put fifty dollars in to buy him a decent present but now they don’t know what to get him. So they do a raffle and Sam gets to pick but he doesn't know what to buy him.

A strength in the book was how he didn’t tell us what the present was until poppa unwrapped it and I really wanted to find out what it was. I weakness in the book was when he unwrapped his present and he was a bit like he didn’t like it.

I think that the book is interesting. In a part of the book I have felt the same way once.  It was when Sam had to get a good present and like the pressure was all on him.   

Monday, 14 April 2014

Camp Roil Reflection

Reflection for camp

Something I was proud of was that my team did great in all of the challenges and we worked together well.

Something I liked was going fishing because I caught the biggest fish and it was my first time catching a fish.
Something I liked to do next time would be would to have a go at getting to the top at rock climbing because I got really close to the top.

Something I didn’t like was go kayaking down the river because I just about capsized because I kept getting stuck in the weed in the river.

Next time something I want to improve is making the bivouac without the other two tarps on the sides.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Fishing Photo

This is my image that I have edited on Pixir Editor.This is one of the photos from camp when we went fishing off the wharf.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Valerie Adams Report

Lately we have been writing reports and this on is about Valerie Adams.


Valerie Kasanita Adams is a very, very good shot putter.  Actually, she is the best in the world, she is best known for throwing 21.24 meter. She is a four-time World champion, three time World Indoor champion and two-time Olympic and Commonwealth champion.  

She was born on 6th October 1984. Valerie weight is 120kgs and her height is 1 meter and 93 centimeters that is just about two meters .Valerie grow up in Rotorua,New Zealand. Valerie was married to Bertrand Villi, discus thrower. She divorced with him in early 2010.

When Valerie was 16 when her mother ( Lilika Ngauamo) died from cancer. Her father (Sydeny Sid) was an Englishman who has been married five times and altogether he had 18 children.Valerie is not the only person it her family who is really good at a sport her brother Steven Adams and he is known for playing basketball, Valerie has two other bother that are good at basketball too.

At the age of 14 she started taking part in the school competitions and being seen by Kirsten Hellier.In 1998 they paired up and decided that for the next 11 ½  years  but then in 2010 their realation ship broke up and then in April 2010 she announced that she had a new coach Didier Poppe. In late 2010 Jean-Pierre Egger took over from Didier Poppe.

Valerie Kasanita Adams is the best shot putter in the world with her personal best of  21.24 meter.

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