Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Letter To Liam

Parkvale School
Howard St


Dear Liam
How are you?

Hi it is Bree
Room ten are really missing you.
Lately in room ten we have been enjoying a quiz game called Kahoot on the computers. How we play is Mrs Roil connects her computer to the T.V screen and a pin comes up and we enter it on our computers then our names appears upon the screen and when everyones name is up there Mrs Roil press go and then a question appears on the screen and there will be a box with red triangle another with a blue hexagon a green square and a orange circle. In the box there will be an answer in it and you have to pick which one on your computer but id only has the box with the shape and colour no answer.

The other day we had a Matariki day with Room 11 and 12. We had workshops there was  weaving, making poi, cooking,maori games, kite making and rakau. It was a great day. I did maori games, rakau and making poi. Making poi was my favourite we learnt how to plait with four. It took time but they ended out great. For the rakau we had to do the same as what we had to do in  kapa haka except we did it not just in the middle but on the sides too. For the other one the maori games we had to do thing like going on an obstacle course while swing a poi and tapping two rakau together.

The other day we went to the planetarium with Room 7 to learn a bit more about space and also about constellations. First we went into a big room with chairs all around with a funny contraption in the middle. While Room 7 stayed in the other room to watch a video. Then we sat down and the man turned out the lights so we could we the stars on the ceiling then he showed the constellations and planets.There was lots of constellation and planet. We saw Mars, Saturn and other. After that we went in the other one and Room 7 did too. I really liked the video it was about a space crew playing in space and testing stuff about gravity. The Room 7 came back in and we did question. After that we went back to school.

Bye for now.
From Bree Gibson

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