Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Matariki Day


Matariki day was really fun, to start off we had a maori dance group come to Parkvale school and perform for us. They sung for us, danced for us, told us some stories that had been passed on from generation to generation and also some maori games.

My favourite activity that I did on Matariki day was making poi with Whaea Emma in Room ten. The first thing that we did was how to plait with four pieces of wool. There was twelve pieces of wool in each group and because we were plaiting with four we had to split them up into groups of four. There was three people in the group. Each person had to do something. I did the plaiting with Hugh while Jacob held the bottom to keep it in place. Then we started plaiting. When we had got to the length that we wanted it at, we tied it up and then helped all of the other people plait before we moved onto our next step. After everyone had finished plaiting we started making the bottom of the poi. First we had to get some stuffing and roll it into a ball and put the plait into the middle of the ball of stuffing. Then we got a small plastic bag and put the stuffing ball with the plait in it into the plastic bag and wrapped it until it was tight and then we pulled up all of the other bits and then tie up all with string around the top of the ball of stuffing and pulled tight. Then we cut all of the other plastic bag and our pois were done.

How to plait with four is to sit with two people facing each other. Then split the wool into four each part then each person needs to grab two. Next you cross them over diagonally and grab then do it on the the side diagonally and then keep repeating. Once you get to the length you want it, you needs to grab both of the your two and the other persons two and so you should have two equal parts. Now tie them up into a strong knot and then connect it to the bottom of the poi.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Stain Glass Window Maths

The Last Mysterious Secret

My main vision was to have a scary alleyway in the city for my setting. My story name is The Last Mysterious Secret. I have done a brick wall, street lights and a trash bin with flies.
Is this a story suitable for young kids?

The book is about the last secret that hasn't been solved. I showed the book was a mystery story by using no light and bright colours. I have useds dark and dull colours instead. My setting is in a city alleyway. I think that an alleyway at night is not something you would want to walk down in the dark. I was trying to get the picture to be as dark as possible, so it would be a scary and a mysterious book but still be able to see the picture clearly.

For my title I have positioned it in the middle of the page and I have put the street lamp shining down on it. The colour of my words are blood red. I have done the words with spikes on the ends of them. I tried to make my title word into grafitti like the alleyway had been trashed. When you look at my cover the main thing that you can see is my title because most of the other stuff is palin because I wasted it to stand out.

I think that this book is suitable for kids that are 8 and over because sometimes it is a bit scary. The main thing that the audiences eye would capture is the title, especially because the lamp light are shining on it. I recommend this book to anyone that likes the everyday life and a bit of mystery and scariness.

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