Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Optimist yachting day 2

This is my day 2 yachting

8.00 the bus left and in minutes we were at Pandora Pond in the kayaks I shared a double with Tracey I was in the front she was in the back first we went under the bridge and the we went up before you head out to the sea then we went back around the boat and then we had to go under a wire and a low bridge and around a some more boats and back under the bridge again and then we had to go through the current and go back to shore.

Reflection for Yachting

Something I was pleased with was that I stayed in the yacht and didn’t hop out because last time I hopped out early
I really enjoyed learning about how if you watch where the wind is coming from it can help you sail much faster .

Some thing I found hard was kayaking because it was really windy and the water was really ruff.  

Something that made me think was when I am taking do I go to the left or the right.
Something I want to get better at kayaking and be more brave and go in a single kayak more often.



  1. Great work Bree.
    I like it when you put in I want to get better at kayaking and to be more brave.
    Well done :-)

  2. Wow Bree I love your reflection on yachting. Did you have fun? I did Keep up the good work Bree ;)

  3. That is amazing refleson and I like you taxedo as well. I liked that you shared a double kayak with tracey.
    Well done Bree.
    Great job.

  4. Awesome Bree!
    Your reflection sounds great on optimist yachting.
    I like how you have said in your reflection that you really enjoyed knowing what direction where the wind was coming form.
    I really like how you have made an tagxedo.
    Well done:)

  5. Wow! Bree
    your Optimist yachting reflection is amazing!
    and I also really like how you did a tagxedo about it to
    Keep it up !!!!!!!

  6. Awesome work Bree.
    Great yachting reflection.
    keep up the great work.

  7. Awesome Bree
    I like your Reflection for Yachting
    I like how you put a tagxedo in
    Keep up the good work
    Well done


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