Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Day He Died

The day he Died …………….

“Go fetch it boy,” comes from the end of the park, as a dog springs to his feet and sprints after a ball.  His owner spreads out his legs and flops onto the ground. After a few seconds, dog comes panting back slobber dripping all down his mouth and tail wagging. As soon as he approaches his owner he drops down the slobber all over ball and gives his owner a big slobbery lick. He jump up and then goes come on boy and snapped on his lead and goes home.

I see this every day until one day he stops coming and that night on the news, on the main road right next to the park, a dog was killed in a serious car accident. He says that a car had lost control and spun into the other land and smashed two car and then spun into the park.  Then the reporter said in a quiet voice, that a dog and owner had also been caught up in there.  It said the owner was running with his dog until he heard a whole lot of car horns and people slamming on brakes and then he turned around to see car coming towards him and then all of a sudden his dog came up and shoved his owner out of the way. The dog got dragged under the car they say that the dog was ripped and torn and they say that the owner is in a critical condition in the hospital.

The next day I saw flower scattered all over part of the road and bright red drops of blood. In remembrance of the dog they put up a statue of the dog and renamed the park Bingo Park as for the dog was called Bingo.

Friday, 17 October 2014

20 x 20 Maths Challenge

photo (22).JPG
20 x 20 Maths Challenge
64 blocks in total

The Best Part Of Me


The best part of me are my eyes because they are a light blue they also have a tinge of green in them I like my eye because I’m the only one in the family that has that colour. I get them from my blue eyes from my dad. I think that it is cool that there is a tinge of green in my eyes because the green blends in with the blue

I love my eyes because they are the only part of my body that lets me see the world and  discover new things. I like them because they stand out on my face because they are the only bit of colour on my face that shines out.

I enjoy playing sport because my eyes let me see everything the finish line, the goal and  the competitors and I especially love my supporter, they come to all of my event. I also love to see my self representing parkvale school in the flash uniforms.    
I like my eye because it is a very special part of me and  it is not like any other part can do the exact same thing.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Bar Graph vs Line Graph

We had to sort out the data into the right kind of graph either into the line or the bar

Bar Graph: A bar graph is a chart that uses bars to show comparisons between different categories of data.

Line Graph: A graph that uses points connected by lines to show how something changes in value (as time goes by, or as something else happens). Based on one set data.

Below is a list of different types of graphs.  Cut and paste them into the column you think they belong in.

Bar Graph
Line Graph
Room 10’s favourite colour

How children come to school

What fruit do we have in our lunch box

Temperatures in March

The height of a bean plant over 2 months

Lemonade sales over a week.

Depth of a bath

How long you can hold your breath for

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

200 Word Story


Every day I wake up and wonder what on earth is in and under the zip. I ask my mum but all I get is a I don’t know now stop asking that question. I try and try but I never get anything out of people. I asked my poppa but all he says is legend once a boy tried and he never saw the light again.

One day I asked my friend “lets sneak out tomorrow night and open the zip, I know it is risky but it it is the only way we will find out”. “Are you kidding me he replied do you think I am crazy” After a while of covensing I got him to do it but I have to open the zip, although if something happen to me, he has to help.

So that night I grab dad huge garden clipper and got my friend and walked a couple of blocks away. I said first I will grab the zip bit and flick it over to the other side after that I will grab the garden clipper and pull. So grabbed the zip bit and flicked it over so far so good next I grabbed the clippers and gave it the tiniest pull and nothing happened, so I gave it a big yank then big snakes clamber out on me then all of a sudden it gets light I wake up then I realize it was all a dream. Dads arms were wrapped around me like snakes.   

Friday, 5 September 2014

Night 4 Production Photos

This is all of us on stage singing
the final song to end the show.

This is me talking on stage.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Production Photo

This is the classroom where we are talking to the audience. We are the linking script and we link information that connect to the legends. The photo is the kid in the classroom and there is also a teacher.IMG_4200.JPG

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Production Diary

Dear Diary, last night  was a big night because it was our first night performing in front of an audience that brought ticket. Yesterday we did our performance to the rest of the school that one went really well so did the other one at night there were a couple mistakes on that but they were fine and I know by the end of the week we are going to be amazing . Also it was really cool because my dad surprised me by bringing  my big sister that had just come back from university  that day. I was really pleased on how I went because I said all my lines loud and clear didn't muck up except for one tiny mistake where I didn't pronounce brother properly so I just said it again. I can’t wait for tonight because I know I am going to get better but I am going to get really tired. I personal like the seven whales because of the music choice and the smoke machine.
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