Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Day He Died

The day he Died …………….

“Go fetch it boy,” comes from the end of the park, as a dog springs to his feet and sprints after a ball.  His owner spreads out his legs and flops onto the ground. After a few seconds, dog comes panting back slobber dripping all down his mouth and tail wagging. As soon as he approaches his owner he drops down the slobber all over ball and gives his owner a big slobbery lick. He jump up and then goes come on boy and snapped on his lead and goes home.

I see this every day until one day he stops coming and that night on the news, on the main road right next to the park, a dog was killed in a serious car accident. He says that a car had lost control and spun into the other land and smashed two car and then spun into the park.  Then the reporter said in a quiet voice, that a dog and owner had also been caught up in there.  It said the owner was running with his dog until he heard a whole lot of car horns and people slamming on brakes and then he turned around to see car coming towards him and then all of a sudden his dog came up and shoved his owner out of the way. The dog got dragged under the car they say that the dog was ripped and torn and they say that the owner is in a critical condition in the hospital.

The next day I saw flower scattered all over part of the road and bright red drops of blood. In remembrance of the dog they put up a statue of the dog and renamed the park Bingo Park as for the dog was called Bingo.

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  1. great story Bree sad about the dog and its owner but well done I really liked your story great imagination.


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