Monday, 8 April 2013

My Poem about the ordinary day

This is a piece of writing called the ordinary day. Here it is I hope you like it.

One ordinary evening when I was watching the news on the T.V I found out that they had created an I pad. It look so cool the instant I saw it I knew that I wanted one of those but sadly I realized that they were very expensive. My dad ‘’said by the time that your twenty that there will probably be able to be that you can turn a T.V on from outside technology these day are incredible’’ That night I had a dream that I was going to get an I pad for my birthday. Suddenly I hear the sound of the music from the I tunes ‘’OH chicken wing It is just a dream’’  I wake up properly this time and put on my ordinary school cloth on and walk down my Ordinary white hall way down to the kitchen where there was an ordinary family in front of me. I grab an Ordinary white  pate and a ordinary silver I spoon I put some food in the bowl and sit at the ordinary table like always and after when I have done some other jobs. I jump onto my ordinary scooter and said bye to my mum ,Mr Bide (our teacher) was sick so we had a new teacher called Mrs Talkalot and man can she talk Then she said ‘’listen to this’’ it was some music it was some soft music then all of a sudden it was this loud crashing sound then the music finish and the teacher said ‘’now what did you here’’ said the teacher ‘’I heard thunder’’ ‘’I heard a romantic dance’’ said a girl then I said I heard elephants. Well said the teacher ‘’school up and I hope you day was good and now run along’’ then when I walk out I saw the teacher and I said thank you for inspiring me in music and how you have made me imagine so much now’’. ‘’Your welcome sweet’’ and then she sped away out of the school car park and vroomm she was off. Then I walk back to her ordinary home getting ready for a new day.


  1. hi Bree this is your cousin Ginger
    i really liked your ORDINARY story. how are things going with Gymnastics? tonight we went to an end of term disco at my gymnastics!
    we did a kareoke and we were allowed use some of the equipment. Hope you're having a good time in New Zealand

    1. Hi Ginger
      How are you?
      I am glad you like my ordinary story
      Thank's for the comment
      see you soon Bree

  2. Hey Bree, Ginger your cousin from Australia has been checking out your blog and did you see she commented on it????? How cool is that!

    1. Well done!!!
      It was funny

  3. Awesome story Bree.

    I like that you added some recording of you.

    I like it well done.

    From Olivia


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