Monday, 8 April 2013

My poem

This is my poem (the scooter) We had to make a poem. That was something that was a part of me. I chose my scooter

The scooter  by me (Bree)
I have always been a Lucky child
When I  was nine
my parents gave me a blue scooter.
I couldn't believe that
It was mine `
bright blue it was
yes it was.
It was an M.G.P.
I rode it to school
almost every day to school and back.
It would ride smoothly
It would be my pride and joy.
I have always taken care of it.  
I try not to get it dented
or scratched  
I love my scooter
and sometime it loves me
Every so often I fall off
but I don’t blame the scooter
it is not his fault.
I can never wait until
I can ride it to
school  tomorrow.


  1. What an awesome post Bree. I felt the same way when I got my scooter

  2. Thank's Elijah

  3. Cool Bree I liked this post because some of the words are so awesome.

  4. Awesome Bree, that is such a cool poem, it has a lot of describing words which actually stand out!!!

    Well done:)

  5. Wow you must really like your scooter and I think it likes you to:)


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