Thursday, 22 August 2013

Old Sandshoe

                                                                 I hope you like my post :)

 For reading we read a book called old sandshoe I enjoyed reading this book a lot. Read on to learn more    about old sandshoe. This old sandshoe that is the name of the dog he lives with pa. Pa called him old sandshoe because when pa first saw him pa reckoned his face was as ugly as a twisted old sandshoe. I have done a brain storm of what he looks like and what he does and a picture of him.    

Friday, 9 August 2013

The waterbeests and the crocodile

Here is my writing it about two waterbeests that are arguing one think it is a log and the other crocodile.

Ferb slowly walks out of the foggy air to see a creek.
“How are we going to get a across” said Ferb
“I don’t know” said Fred
“Look over there” said Ferb It is a crocodile” said
“NO it is not it is a log” said Ferb
As they were doing this the herd of wildebeests were mooing away with not a slightest bit of interest in them.
“NO NO NO it is a crocodile watch this and Fred threw a stone at the crocodile back it move just a little bit and then stay still again Fred was getting impatient. He poke a stick at the crocodile the crocodile didn't budge. Ferb said “I told you it was a log” Fred face got red and steam came out of his ears Fred push water onto the crocodile Ferb said                                                               “it is a log all your doing is waste your too”.
“Watch this”
said Fred and he jump onto the crocodiles back and he jump and jumped then SNAP!!!.....
    “Oh no” said Ferb

“What is that” asked Freddy isn't it a log
You are kidding me said Ferb.   

Thoughts of a head of hair

This is my poem called: Thoughts of a head of hair. I hope you like it :)

                                  Thoughts of a head of hair    
I am a head of hair
You wash me twice a week
I know it is hard to not pull me out when you brush me
I lose 1000 bits of me every day
So you need to be a bit more careful
Please can you brush me more often so I don’t get as knotty
I like it when you ride on your bike and the breeze goes through your hair and gives me a breeze of fresh air
 It is great to be a head of hair

By Bree   

Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Yesterday our teacher (Mr M) showed us a really cool game It is called GeoGuessr. This is how the game goes  you get a picture of any place in the world and you have to figure out were it is. Here is the link to the site I hope you enjoy this game as much as I did. Please comment.
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