Friday, 12 July 2013

The evil drinking fountain

 I finished my movie that I made with my group it is called the evil drinking fountain.We did it for our literacy Rotation. I had a great time making it.


  1. Wow Bree,
    You and your group did an awesome job on this project.
    I like the part when you bonked your head on the pole, I thought that was really funny. I also like how you made an affect on acacias finger to show that she sliced her finger on the gilliteen. I love how you made those slurping noises when you were drinking out of the water fountain.
    I liked how you made the news come on after all of the accidents happened.
    Your project was amazing you girls keep up the awesome work.

    1. Thank Lily
      I liked the bit when I banged my head and it went bong bong bong I though that was funny too
      Great comment

  2. Awesome Bree,
    Lots of effort put in awesome.
    I want to make a video now.

  3. Great Job Bree!
    And your group too!
    I really liked that movie!

    Sincerely, Teva Tait.

  4. I like how they did the face on the water fountain
    I like the acting that you did

  5. This trailer is so amazing.
    i like how you draw the face on to paper to stick on the drinking fountain.
    I love how you made the cut off finger.
    Well done:-)

  6. Hi Bree, Mr Moriarty sent me the link to your video. I think it is so cool, especially the bit where you hold up your cut-off finger, I hope it grew back ok!
    Rachel Stedman

  7. Awesome Bree
    Your video is really good
    I like how you did the cut finger it is really creative
    Well done

  8. Wow Bree your group have done a really good job on this video good work


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