Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Holiday Highlight

During the school holidays Teague, Rogan, Jasper, Ava, Craig, Dad and I went to Clive pools. There was a small hot pool and a deep lane pool that got deeper as you go along.  It was quite nice to get into a pool because as it is not summer now we are not swimming anymore.

Also, it was the holidays so they had  this special a big blow up thing that travels around different pools.It was a  hurdling course. The blow up thing looked like a rocket ship because it had a  big bit were you climb into with other small bits in the side about knee height to hold onto. As you went on it, it got smaller and smaller and at the end you had to jump off. When you had pasted the two things on either side to hold onto they go away. The side things were blue and the base was red with the 5 yellow hurdles in between.  

On my first go, I jumped over the hurdle and I automatically fell off. It  felt fantastic to get back into the water for once. After my second go, I realised that you have to stay on the middle if you don’t want to fall off . After I while, I tried sprinting across it and I ended up slipping into the  water on the 4th hurdle, falling head first. As I keep on trying I tried a different technique. It was sliding across it on my tummy staying strait in the middle but it was hard because if your feet slid off your whole body will go with it. After a while I finally made it to the by standing on it and walking across it and holding on to the hurdles as I went with my back facing the wall very slowly climbing over the hurdles.

I think I got to the end three times altogether and every time I got to the end I  stopped and then jumped off really high. One of my last goes, I asked Rogan if I should go backward anyway I did and I climb on and then tripped of on the first hurdle. After about five minutes they took it down and a couple of time I race Rogan in the lane pool standing on the big starter blocks. Then we went into the small warm pool and we got Dad and Craig to bounce the ball on the concrete and then it bounces into the pool and then we jumped up and caught it. At 3 o’clock it shut and we went home.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Our Solar System

Space is full of interesting things like 8 planets, thousands of stars, 166 moons, a sun and galaxies. In space the is zero gravity. That means that you are floating all the time. In space it is also hard to breath because there are no trees and when there are no trees there that means there is no oxygen. Which planets have rings around them?

In our solar system there is 8 planets they are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. You are probably wondering why I haven’t put Pluto in, that is because Pluto is a dwarf planet. If you are a planet one of the things you have to be doing is orbiting around the sun by yourself but Pluto wasn't it had been orbiting around the sun with other planets. So that is why Pluto is now a dwarf planet.

In our galaxies there are thousands of stars. There is one star you probably know it, it is the sun. There are some stars that are 100 to 200 times bigger than the sun. In the sky there are thing called constellations. Constellation are groups of stars that make out shapes in the sky. Star are made out of dust and gas. They are formed by a gas and dust cloud. The clouds start to shrink and get smaller as the clouds get smaller they break up into clumps. After a while the clumps get hot and dense then the nuclear reaction starts and when the clump gets really really hot the clump turns into a star. A nuclear reaction is when gasses get really hot and dense and a nuclear reactions starts.

The moon and the sun orbit around the earth all the time. When the moon is on one side of the earth the sun is on the other side. There are 166 moons in our solar system. Earth has 1, Mars has 2, Jupiter has 63, Saturn has 60, Uranus has 27 and Neptune has 13. The sun is made out of helium and hydrogen.

The solar system is full of amazing things. Now to answer my question the planets    

have rings around them are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Rings are formed by rocks orbiting around the planets.

Cloud Dialogue

Way up up up in the sky there was a little boy with his Grandpa standing on a old but sturdy wooden platform, with a little house underneath.

“Wow were up so high”
“Hey boy come and look at this”.

Grandpa pulls out of a small long wooden case with red lining. A funny metal thing with a long stick and a small hollow hole at the top. Then grandpa sticks it into a small stand with a hole just big enough to fit the metal thing in.

“Um whats that grandpa”
“Just wait and I’ll show you”.

Then  grandpa blows through the hole and then to the boys surprise a cloud appears in the sky from out of the hole.

“Hold up grandpa how did you do it”,
“can I have I try. “

Then the little boy takes a deep breath and blows and then the tiniest cloud pops out through the hole.

“Oh man” say the little boy
“try again” say grandpa.
“ Like this”.

Grandpa then take a deep deep breath and breathes out.
So the little boy blows and  sticks his mouth up into the hole as close as he could and blows and blows and leanes on it.Then his cloud maker falls on the ground and breaks.

“Oh no” says grandpa
“I’m so sorry” says the little boy.
“Look at it now” says grandpa, it is all funny shaped. “Plus the cloud that I made before is now going away”
“Hmm says the little boy”

He picks up the cloud maker and and can see the cloud going away. He know that his grandpa is sad so he goes up and tries to fix it. Fiderly flick goes his fingers and then holds it up. It is a star, grandpa takes it.

“Thank you” says grandpa” I’ll give it a try.”

Grandpa takes a deep breath and then blows and then a cloud comes out and forms into a star.

“Wow” says the little boy. “Now you can make any shape you want” says the little boy. Hey grandpa says the little boy. “look I can make a bunny”. Here you can blow it.

Grandpa blows it and now there up in the sky there was a bunny and a star. At that time the sun had started to come down shining back on there backs. Then they sit down together. Then this time grandpa makes a shape for the little boy and guess what it is?, its a love heart. Then the little boy has a go and then a small cloud comes out in the shape heart. “This is really cool grandpa you are the ultimate cloud maker” say the little boy.  

Letter To Liam

Parkvale School
Howard St


Dear Liam
How are you?

Hi it is Bree
Room ten are really missing you.
Lately in room ten we have been enjoying a quiz game called Kahoot on the computers. How we play is Mrs Roil connects her computer to the T.V screen and a pin comes up and we enter it on our computers then our names appears upon the screen and when everyones name is up there Mrs Roil press go and then a question appears on the screen and there will be a box with red triangle another with a blue hexagon a green square and a orange circle. In the box there will be an answer in it and you have to pick which one on your computer but id only has the box with the shape and colour no answer.

The other day we had a Matariki day with Room 11 and 12. We had workshops there was  weaving, making poi, cooking,maori games, kite making and rakau. It was a great day. I did maori games, rakau and making poi. Making poi was my favourite we learnt how to plait with four. It took time but they ended out great. For the rakau we had to do the same as what we had to do in  kapa haka except we did it not just in the middle but on the sides too. For the other one the maori games we had to do thing like going on an obstacle course while swing a poi and tapping two rakau together.

The other day we went to the planetarium with Room 7 to learn a bit more about space and also about constellations. First we went into a big room with chairs all around with a funny contraption in the middle. While Room 7 stayed in the other room to watch a video. Then we sat down and the man turned out the lights so we could we the stars on the ceiling then he showed the constellations and planets.There was lots of constellation and planet. We saw Mars, Saturn and other. After that we went in the other one and Room 7 did too. I really liked the video it was about a space crew playing in space and testing stuff about gravity. The Room 7 came back in and we did question. After that we went back to school.

Bye for now.
From Bree Gibson

Dad's Raw Fish Synopsis

My Dads raw fish
By Mata Mataio

This story is about how Dad prepares the raw fish with his son. Dad is preparing the food for the family for Friday night. Dad prepares the food by going fishing  then gets the kids to help him do the worst job, scaling and gutting the fish. Then he has to cut them up. After that he put it into the marinating sauce. Dad says the fish will be ready when the fish go white. Will the fish go white in time for the dinner?
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