Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Holiday Highlight

During the school holidays Teague, Rogan, Jasper, Ava, Craig, Dad and I went to Clive pools. There was a small hot pool and a deep lane pool that got deeper as you go along.  It was quite nice to get into a pool because as it is not summer now we are not swimming anymore.

Also, it was the holidays so they had  this special a big blow up thing that travels around different pools.It was a  hurdling course. The blow up thing looked like a rocket ship because it had a  big bit were you climb into with other small bits in the side about knee height to hold onto. As you went on it, it got smaller and smaller and at the end you had to jump off. When you had pasted the two things on either side to hold onto they go away. The side things were blue and the base was red with the 5 yellow hurdles in between.  

On my first go, I jumped over the hurdle and I automatically fell off. It  felt fantastic to get back into the water for once. After my second go, I realised that you have to stay on the middle if you don’t want to fall off . After I while, I tried sprinting across it and I ended up slipping into the  water on the 4th hurdle, falling head first. As I keep on trying I tried a different technique. It was sliding across it on my tummy staying strait in the middle but it was hard because if your feet slid off your whole body will go with it. After a while I finally made it to the by standing on it and walking across it and holding on to the hurdles as I went with my back facing the wall very slowly climbing over the hurdles.

I think I got to the end three times altogether and every time I got to the end I  stopped and then jumped off really high. One of my last goes, I asked Rogan if I should go backward anyway I did and I climb on and then tripped of on the first hurdle. After about five minutes they took it down and a couple of time I race Rogan in the lane pool standing on the big starter blocks. Then we went into the small warm pool and we got Dad and Craig to bounce the ball on the concrete and then it bounces into the pool and then we jumped up and caught it. At 3 o’clock it shut and we went home.

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