Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Cloud Dialogue

Way up up up in the sky there was a little boy with his Grandpa standing on a old but sturdy wooden platform, with a little house underneath.

“Wow were up so high”
“Hey boy come and look at this”.

Grandpa pulls out of a small long wooden case with red lining. A funny metal thing with a long stick and a small hollow hole at the top. Then grandpa sticks it into a small stand with a hole just big enough to fit the metal thing in.

“Um whats that grandpa”
“Just wait and I’ll show you”.

Then  grandpa blows through the hole and then to the boys surprise a cloud appears in the sky from out of the hole.

“Hold up grandpa how did you do it”,
“can I have I try. “

Then the little boy takes a deep breath and blows and then the tiniest cloud pops out through the hole.

“Oh man” say the little boy
“try again” say grandpa.
“ Like this”.

Grandpa then take a deep deep breath and breathes out.
So the little boy blows and  sticks his mouth up into the hole as close as he could and blows and blows and leanes on it.Then his cloud maker falls on the ground and breaks.

“Oh no” says grandpa
“I’m so sorry” says the little boy.
“Look at it now” says grandpa, it is all funny shaped. “Plus the cloud that I made before is now going away”
“Hmm says the little boy”

He picks up the cloud maker and and can see the cloud going away. He know that his grandpa is sad so he goes up and tries to fix it. Fiderly flick goes his fingers and then holds it up. It is a star, grandpa takes it.

“Thank you” says grandpa” I’ll give it a try.”

Grandpa takes a deep breath and then blows and then a cloud comes out and forms into a star.

“Wow” says the little boy. “Now you can make any shape you want” says the little boy. Hey grandpa says the little boy. “look I can make a bunny”. Here you can blow it.

Grandpa blows it and now there up in the sky there was a bunny and a star. At that time the sun had started to come down shining back on there backs. Then they sit down together. Then this time grandpa makes a shape for the little boy and guess what it is?, its a love heart. Then the little boy has a go and then a small cloud comes out in the shape heart. “This is really cool grandpa you are the ultimate cloud maker” say the little boy.  

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