Friday, 19 April 2013

Arriving in New Zealand

On Tuesday  I shared my challenge tree.  It was the fist person to come to new zealand in my family.

The first person to come to New Zealand in my family.
The first person to come to NZ in my  family was Thomas Kendall. He is your 8Xgreatgrandfather.

He is the one on the right.
He came from England as a Missionary and opened a school for Maori Children in the Bay of Islands in 1816.


  1. That is a really interesting thing to share about your family history, Bree.

    Thank you! The class really enjoyed it and you have presented it well on your blog too.

  2. What an interesting story Bree!
    The photo looks really old.
    And you have got a nice and clear
    voice in your recording to.
    Well done:)

  3. Awesome Bree your family story is really cool
    Well done

  4. hay sis
    that was interesting
    i liked learning more about about my family
    nice work


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