Wednesday, 23 October 2013

What is air.

The other day our class did a experiment it was about air. I really enjoyed doing it. 
Please comment :)
What is air ?

Air Exists

Equipment :
  • Container filled with H.20
  • Jar
  • paper towel   

Full the container with water so when you you put the jar in it is level with the water. Then you scrunch up the paper towel and put it into the jar. Then you put the jar upside down in the container. What happens?

Predict :
No I don’t think that it will work because when water hit paper it goes all soggy.

Observe :
Yes it did work because the air inside was like a soft  cushion for the paper towel.


The first time we did it most of our paper was dry but the corner was wet because  it was to big and it wasn't pushed in anuff so the next time we did it we made it really small so it just fell out with our last one we did it! This was because we had it touching the sides and in was push in so it didn't get wet.

Yay it worked.


  1. Awesome Bree!
    I love all the photos.
    It must have turned out different from your prediction.
    Well done:-)

  2. Wow Bree what a wonderful post I like how you put all the photos. Did you have fun? I bet you did. Keep up the good work Bree :)

  3. Fantastic post, Bree. I am glad you enjoyed the little experiment - plenty more to come!

  4. Wow Bree you did an awesome blog post you did well in the experiment keep up the great work :)

  5. Awesome Bree you did an awesome blog post
    keep it up Bree. (-:


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