Thursday, 8 May 2014

4D Movie

The 4D Movie

As we walk in the door the lady at the counter asks us what movie we want to see. There was a movie were you manly went white water rafting and kayaking. The other one had skydiving,white water rafting,kayaking and a helicopter ride. We decided on the second one. Dad and Amberley put their phones in the box. Then we put on a raincoat and some 3D glasses and sat in seats then she turned on the movie.The movie was really cool, my favourite thing was the helicopter ride. Then when the lady came back in she asked us if we liked the ride. We all said yes but in the movie there was no water and the was meant to be. So they said sorry and took us in to the other cinema. They gave us the movie for free.

We hopped in our seats the lady told us that this one had more water which we all thought was good.The movie started and instantly I thought this one was better. We got sprayed with lots of water and we got a massive air blast as well as the seats moving all the time.It made me fell a little bit sick so I just looked at my feet for a bit and I felt better. When it finished we gave back our glasses and raincoats and dad and Amberley got their phones, then we went home.

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  1. wow Bree that must have been so much fun


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