Monday, 19 May 2014

Hockey Explanation

Hockey blocking

Hockey is a team sport. You play it in the winter. The game is played on turf, field or even ice. Hockey is played with a stick and a small hard ball. The stick is like a candy cane. It has a flat side were you hit the ball and the other is curved, don’t hit the ball on the curved side or it will go sideways or over it. Hockey players wear a uniform, shin and knee pads, elbow pads, shoes and a mouth guard. If you are the goalie you wear a face mask so you don’t get hit in the face because it would be very painful. There are 14 players on a team and there are 3 people on the side line. The goal is like a soccer goal but it is smaller. How long is a hockey game?

Firstly, blocking is when you block the ball and stop it. You block the ball with your stick on the flat side. You can move around each side of the ball so the opponent doesn't get it. Sometimes you can also block the other person with your stick.
Secondly, you need to put your body behind the stick. When you put your body behind the stick you should be side on with the ball. If you have you stick in front or on the side it is going to be quite difficult. So you will need to put your body behind the stick to play the game.   

Thirdly, give a little and keep your eye on the ball. When you give a little you stop all of the impact coming to you and the stick won’t bang into you but when you give a little and move back or forwards the impact won’t be as strong. Also try and keep your eye on the ball so when an opponent comes up and tries to steal the ball off you. As well as someone taking it off you, you could also just wander off and think you're hitting the ball but you’re not and the ball will get taken off you.

Fourthly, you have to be straight on. You have to be straight on because it is going to be easier to hit it and when you do you can look up to where you are aiming to
and then hit it straight on. If you just look at the ball and hit it to the person but if you don’t line it up it can go crooked.

Now to answer the question, well it seems that the a hockey game is 60 minutes or an hour long. So that is how you do blocking in a hockey game. The 4 things you need to remember when blocking 1. Put your body behind the stick, 2. Give a little, 3. Keep your eye on the ball, 4. Be straight on. So now you know how to block in hockey.

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