Thursday, 17 April 2014

Fishing Off The Wharf

I’ve been standing there for a while and I’m starting to get bored. Mum comes over and I tell her “I haven't caught anything yet”. She tells me to ”go get some bait” because I was using a fishing rod one that you don’t need bait on but you can put some on if you want. So I went and got some bait off the bait lady after she had done that and then I went over to another spot and in about two minutes I was getting a big tug and then my line started moving around in a figure eight pattern so I quickly wound it back in and wala, a fish magically appeared on my line, it was pretty big. I called Brendon over to take it off, he let me go put it in the bucket. When I was taking it back the scales were falling off on me. The fish was very restless and was jumping and squirming around so I chucked it in the bucket.

After that It took a while for me to catch another one so I sat down then Greta said I had a wasp on my hair and I froze as Pam flicked it off. After that I moved down a bit and the wasp just happened to come back again and land on my arm and then flew away and went down to some other people.

Then I asked mum if she could go get some berly to attract the fish. When she came back she chucked it in and then my fishing line was famous.
There were thousands of fish scrabbling around having
little nibbles at the bait.
Then I felt a tug and I had another fish on my line.
I wound it back in then took it off and put it in the bucket.

Later on, it was taking a while to get anything I kept putting berly in but they were just nibbling and then going away. So I moved to another spot and still nothing.Then I asked my if I could chuck it in not just drop it I had one go then my told me not to do it again because I was a bit dodgy throwing it, so I just stuck to dropping it in.I moved over along into the middle where you could see lots of fish it wasn't long before I had a fish it was the biggest one yet. I held it up with pride as Brendon gave it to me and then he dropped it as he took the hook out of him then I went over and had a photo with the fish. Not long after that we went home to go make our bivouacs and cook our dinner.


  1. Wow Bree that sounds like fun I wish our class could go

  2. That photo is very funny


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