Monday, 31 March 2014

Valerie Adams Report

Lately we have been writing reports and this on is about Valerie Adams.


Valerie Kasanita Adams is a very, very good shot putter.  Actually, she is the best in the world, she is best known for throwing 21.24 meter. She is a four-time World champion, three time World Indoor champion and two-time Olympic and Commonwealth champion.  

She was born on 6th October 1984. Valerie weight is 120kgs and her height is 1 meter and 93 centimeters that is just about two meters .Valerie grow up in Rotorua,New Zealand. Valerie was married to Bertrand Villi, discus thrower. She divorced with him in early 2010.

When Valerie was 16 when her mother ( Lilika Ngauamo) died from cancer. Her father (Sydeny Sid) was an Englishman who has been married five times and altogether he had 18 children.Valerie is not the only person it her family who is really good at a sport her brother Steven Adams and he is known for playing basketball, Valerie has two other bother that are good at basketball too.

At the age of 14 she started taking part in the school competitions and being seen by Kirsten Hellier.In 1998 they paired up and decided that for the next 11 ½  years  but then in 2010 their realation ship broke up and then in April 2010 she announced that she had a new coach Didier Poppe. In late 2010 Jean-Pierre Egger took over from Didier Poppe.

Valerie Kasanita Adams is the best shot putter in the world with her personal best of  21.24 meter.

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  1. That is some great work Bre about the facts about Valrlie Adams.


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