Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Demon Leopard

This is my Demon Leopard piece of writing Crighton and I made it I hope you like it. Please comment!

This is a new creatures unknown footprint. We have had sight of this footprint before from a satellite dish and had no idea what it was now we have linked it up to the one and only DEMON LEOPARD.If you have seen any sight of it please let us know!

Some facts we know of this DEMON LEOPARD is that it carries a staff with it, the staff shots purple lightning. It lives in the desert and eats 1000 camels a day and drinks their blood. They also like tacos. (they get them for the taco van). They know how to fly and that is not all they are the fastest flying, running things on the planet.

This creature is terrifying because one shot from its staff and your a goner. Imagine a big Demon behind you but with a leopard body which is the fastest flying and running thing on the planet. When DEMON LEOPARD gets you it will rip you bones and muscle to pieces. The staff has been passed down from his family for 7,304 years and now there's no more DEMON LEOPARD’S left so he has to stay alive for as long as he can.

We have just gotten a sighting of the DEMON LEOPARD and it has been caught.
This was Crighton and Bree reporting from Miami beach “hope you enjoy”   


  1. Awesome Bree
    I like how you put the photo of our animal
    Keep up the good work
    Well done

  2. Wow Bree!
    I really like the demon leopard
    its very colorful and bright
    keep it up!!


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