Saturday, 16 November 2013

Athletics 2013

This is my athletics writing and reflection I hope you like it. Please comment!

On Monday the year 4,5 and 6 went to athletics to see who will go to inter school and to earn house points. I had a great time we had to do High jump,Long jump, 50 meter hurdles,100m sprint, Softball throw and 200m sprint. In the end I was really proud my results.

High jump
It was my first rotation first we did a practice and that was ok but then she put us into 1,2,3,4 and I got into four, which made me complete against the threes and the fours then I got a four and then I had to go against poppy and I won.I was really pleased that I got a three.

50 meter hurdles  
When we had finished the long jump we went onto the 50 meter hurdles.Then we got split into when it was my groups turn I went into the first lane then Mrs Roil said ready, set and go and when she blew the whistle and I was off I jumped over the first hurdle and then I did the second one and the I just about tripped over the third but I didn't then I did the last one I could see out of the corner there was no one with me then I went over the line in first and I gotta three. Then we did all of the people that got first and I won that too I was very pleased with myself.

100 meter sprint
Next we had 100 meter sprint I liked the one hundred meter sprint because it was sprinting When it was my turn race I remembered that you always keep your head looking forwards  because when you turn your head to the side it is like a brake and it slows you down then I went up the the line and I heard ready, set and go and we were off I saw some people coming past and then I said to myself go Bree go and then I found myself in front of everyone and the I came close to the finish line and I won then I did another race and I came first which made me go into the final and then I came first the so that made me fasted girl for the 100 meters and I gotta three yay.

Softball throw
Then it was soft ball throw with Miss Paki I think I did pretty good because because on my first throw I went past the first cone but I it was because I through it really high and not very far so I got a two and then I had to compete against Mary to see how was the best I went first and I got past the yellow one and the ball landed just in front of orange cone and then Mary bet me she got past the orange cone in between the orange and green cone so she one but I was still pleased that I came second.  

High jump
After softball throw we went to the high jump I had never done high jump before so I was a little bit nervous because I didn't know how to do it. Anyway I had trouble finding out which foot I should jump on but I just went to the left then I decided to go the the right but when it was my turn I didn't knock the bar off but I was jumping with my feet together but I still went through but on the second one I made it but I was still jumping with my feet together and then on my third I did it again but on my fourth go I didn't make it so I got a two but I was pleased it wasn't a one.

200 meters sprint
Last we had the two hundred meter I was in the last heat.When the second to last heat went we got told to go into a lane I hopped into the 4,5,6th lane my legs were really sore but I didn't mind then I heard On your markeys, Get your car keys and go and I was speeding away down the track going as fast as I can then I come near the finish line I can hear Tracey shouting go Bree then I go past the finish line  and I won the I went to race in the final with all of the other people that came first then I jump in a lane with Tori then Ready set go and I was off I was speeding away when I see Greta and Poppy coming up beside me then that makes me go even faster. Then I see the line and I go over it and I came first so I go five I got one
participate one for coming first in my heat and three for coming first.

So all together I got 18 points and I was proud of my end results.
Reflection for Athletics 2013
· Something I was pleased with was I got 18 point for my house and I had fun.

· Something I found hard was the high jump because I have never done it before.

. Something that I was thinking about was you can do it.

. Something that I did was that did all of the advents and I was proud of my results.

.Something I would like to achieve next time is to be better at the high jump.

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